Classic Filters Is Ten Years Old!

Classic Filters opened its doors in 2001. Since then we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying filters for a wide range of applications and environments all over the World. We’ve always had a focus on the analyser market, and are specialists in particulate and coalescing filtration but we love a challenge – we’ve even made filters used in the testing F1 cars.

In the early years our main competitors dismissed us as here today and gone tomorrow, but our determination to help the customer as much as possible has held us in good stead. We’ve managed to design and innovate with new or different filtration solutions, while still maintaining high quality, quick deliveries and sensible prices for all of our standard products.

Our clients appreciate this and the company has grown in all but one of our 10 years in business.

It is also to our credit that several of our larger competitors use us as the bench mark, following our lead on not only product design, but on many aspects of marketing and corporate image.

Don’t think we are stopping there. As we grow so does our focus on innovation. We are investing time and money into research and development with the aim to develop better and more environmentally friendly filters and production processes. To support these technical advances and the launch of our new product catalogue we are expanding our manufacturing facilities.

These developments and the continued success of our Distributor Network are laying a solid foundation for the many years of business to come.

If you are reading this as a customer or one of our global distribution partners then thank you. If you’ve never worked with Classic Filters before then give us a call – we’d be happy to show you around.

Here’s to the next 10 years.


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