Classic Filters & Social Media

Why are we using social media?

Today’s internet technologies have created the means for people to connect, communicate and share information quicker and easier than ever before. Classic Filters have realised this creates opportunities like never before to link up with everyone in the petrochemical, instrumentation and filtration industry.

From customers, associates and suppliers through to engineers, lecturers, commentators and students, it is Classic Filters intention to collaborate and share knowledge which will lead the development and use of filtration media.

What is social media?

Social media is the name given to the publishing of content by everyday people and businesses on the internet. It includes things like a blog, videos, podcasts, pictures, comments, reviews and forum discussions. Social networks have been created online to enable people to share such information and communicate with each other easily. Many of these are now well known across of the World with millions of users. Networking with people online is now the no.1 internet pastime. You may recognise services such as:


Join us on these following social networks. If you are not a member and want some help knowing how to use them then we have a range of resources to help you get started – just email us.





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