Custom filter housing porting – alternative to standard T-shape filter ports

Have you ever needed a custom filter housing with ports in different places to the standard T-shaped filter design?

This is actually one of our more common requests. As you well know the standard T-shaped filter design has the inlet to the left of the head and outlet to the right of the head. Increasingly however it would seem this is not fit for some applications and our customers need a custom filter housing with ports in different places.

Machining a port through the top of the head
Custom filter housing with special ports

Our latest request was for one of our smallest housings the 316L stainless steel SS117.221 type. The customer needed one of the ports to be machined, not through the side of the head, but through the top. They also requested that there be no mounting bracket holes in the top of the head either.

With some simple design changes we produced a 3D scale drawing and computer model for the customer who then ordered a small batch of the housings. In two weeks the special housings were on their way to a delighted customer.

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