High capacity CNC milling centre – new machine arrival

To improve our speed and quality of machining we decided some time ago that we needed a new large capacity CNC milling centre.

Future proofing Classic Filters products

With the markets in such a period of change we spent a lot of time planning what capabilities we required from our new machine.

Through in-depth conversation with our machine tool supplier they were able to offer us a brand new machine which would be on display at the machine tool exhibition. The machine was the perfect specification for us and ready for installation directly after the show. Added to that it was unbelievable deal as we could take it straight after the show ended. All in all it was an offer too good to miss.

New CNC machining center
New CNC machining center for 316L stainless steel

Capacity increased – now in full production

Then with 10 days to go to the arrival of the new machine our big capacity mill, the oldest in our machine shop, had a catastrophic failure. The timing was not great as we had several big SBF housings running on the machine at the time which caused a little delay, but now since the new machine has arrived we back in full production and just in time as a small flood of orders arrived.


For more information about the capabilities of our new machine and talk about your filter needs contact us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or email [email protected]

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