Filter Product News – SS117 and SS127 filter housings now with ½” NPT ports as standard

Due to popular demand the SS117 and SS127 series filter housings, our smallest internal volume 316L stainless steel types, can now be supplied from stock with 1/2” NPT ports.

We are listening to our customers

These versatile filter housings are specified for many applications with low and high pressures (up to 350 bar) and the introduction of 1/2” NPT extends the flexibility of these models. The larger ports will be ideal for 1/2” line size applications where the flow rates are low or the response time of the application needs to be kept to a minimum.

SS117 and SS127 are widely specified for particulate and coalescing applications

The housings can be supplied as usual with 1/4” NPT drain ports or without a drain port at all and of course they have CE marks as usual.

The data sheets have been updated showing the additional part numbers and revised dimensions for the new variants and can be viewed and saved in pdf format by clicking here –

 SS117 Series Filter Housings

 SS127 Series Filter Housings

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