Filters for Fuel Cell Power Modules

Alternative Energy certainly features in the news a lot recently. Classic Filters have been helping the development of hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Modules in various countries around the world by providing high quality filtration units.

Fuel Cell Power Modules

Our distributor in Denmark, PG Flowteknik, have been very active in supporting OEM customers in this market sector. Filters are supplied to prepare the fuel, for example methanol, for Fuel Cell applications. Typically applications for these power modules include, telecom power in remote locations, backup power for critical supplies, APU on small vehicles and maritime applications such as the Project Pa-X-ell which is a project to test the cells on a passenger ships.

Stainless Steel Filter Housings Solving Filtration Problems

In these demanding applications fuel cell manufacturers are specifying Classic Filters stainless steel filter housings due to our manufacturing flexibility, higher quality standards, fast deliveries and competitive pricing.

Filters for Fuel Cell Power Module Applications

As well as our standard filter housings we are supplying special, custom design housings to suit individual applications. If you need something out of the ordinary we are here to help.

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