Heated Filters for Gas Analysis

Heated filters are perfect for diesel exhaust gas. The sample system and filter are heated to prevent water condensation during gas analysis.

Heated Filters

Heated Filters in Use

The disposable filter elements typically used can be changed quickly and easily at operating temperatures thanks to a quick-release bayonet connection.

A number a filter housing types are available to give flexibility when designing the sample system. Inlet and outlet ports are positioned on the sides or the end of the filter housing. Internal arrangements will have a support core or a tie rod and element retainer.

Heated Filters

Working with OEMs our designers can create special modifications such as additional ports for thermal probes, flanges for mounting, metal handles. Just let us know what you need.

Heated Filters Data Sheets

Download the data sheets for standard designs here –

CF/2.1/110 HST Series
CF/2.1/111 HRT Series
CF/2.1/112 HSS Series
CF/2.1/113 HRS Series

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