Adsorber Products

Disposable In-Line Adsorbers

Disposable in-line adsorbers Disposable In-Line Adsorbers (DIA) consist of polyamide or PVDF bodies filled with granular adsorption material and fitted with integral inlet and outlet filter pads.

Flow rates are the same as for grade 5 elements within the same size bodies. However, the adsorption process means more important selection considerations will be the volume of adsorbent and the contact time.

Our range of adsorber materials are outlined below.

Two Sizes of Disposable In-Line Adsorbers

Two body sizes are available, each containing 11cc and 110cc of adsorbent (approx) and they have 1/4″ and 1/2″ spigots respectively. The larger DIF can be supplied with threaded male connections.

Adsorber Cartridges for Filter Housings

Adsorber cartridges Coalescing filter elements only remove liquid aerosols and droplets. If a liquid in vapour form requires removal then an adsorber cartridge should be used in an additional housing as a final stage. Adsorption cartridges can also be used to remove elements of a gas, for example in acidic gases.

Three different styles of adsorber cartridge are available – each designed for a particular filter housing. AD and AT type-cartridges are designed for installation into a standard housing. AS adsorber cartridges are designed for small stainless steel housings with the housing tie rod removed to enable installation.

A range of adsorber materials are available and these are listed below. Refer to your housing data sheets to select the correct size and type of adsorper cartridge required.

Adsorber Media Types

  • Activated Carbon Granules
  • Activated Carbon Cloth
  • Molecular Sieve 4A
  • Molecular Sieve 13X
  • Silica Gel
  • Mixed Bases (Soda Lime)
  • Potassium Permanganate

Adsorber loose Granules

Classic Filters can supply adsorber granules loose in one litre or four litre plastic containers. These granules are ideal for use with our NAD and .AD Adsorber Housings.

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