Networking with the Filter Industry in Social Media

Live and Social have been looking after Classic Filters social media strategy and social media management since early 2011. As well as helping create this blog and plan the successful webinar series we have been trying to build up a network and engage with the Filter Industry on social media.

We have been faced with some challenges along the way. This article discusses how we have focused on LinkedIn and Twitter to achieve this and the differences between them both.

Filtration Networking On LinkedIn

Classic Filters are able to engage with a greater number of companies and individuals on LinkedIn compared to Twitter as they all share very similar interests. LinkedIn is a business networking powerhouse. The reasons for this are endless. Firstly you can create a compelling profile, you can showcase your skills and you can offer thought leadership. I have noticed after monitoring other client’s profiles that the filtering industry is excelling within Linkedin. When observing most filtration groups it screams out how active and how many discussions are present, so for this reason this tool is excellent.

Filtration Networking on Twitter

Twitter as many of you know is a huge social networking and microblogging service that allows you to answer the question, “What are you doing?” The difference to LinkedIn is people get a flavour of your expertise as well as how you interact with other people, in less than 140 characters. When we first started we found it difficult to engage and find relevant users within the filtering industry on Twitter and I’m sure this is the case for many other filtration companies. More recently we have managed to make some steady progress. We have dedicated a lot of time over recent weeks and creating lists within @ClassicFilters to finding as many companies in the Filtration Industries and Oil and Gas Industry.

I managed to do this by searching for bio’s and researching the use of hashtags. When you find a relevant hashtag then this should take you through to a significant twitter profile where we able to put into the list. The more widely used hashtags include: #filtration #airfilter #filterhousings #filter #renewables #energy #power #water #petro #emission #mining #oil #engineering

I found this short quote that sums up a lot of what we have been writing about:

“On LinkedIn, you are always in business mode and on Twitter, you are a person who does business”

If anyone has any suggestions or any comments then feel free to comment. We will be more than pleased to help and answer any questions as for the progress and continuance of building a Social Media presence within the filtration network.


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