New DIF dimensions (disposable inline filters)

Filtri in linea usa e gettaTwo new DIF body sizes are available to expand our disposable inline filter range. The new sizes have filter elements with sizes 12.16 and 12.57. The 12.57mm DIF is also available with a third port and when equipped with a coalescing filter element it allows liquid to drain out of the body.

New DIF Nylon or PVDF bodies

The new DIF bodies are available in Nylon for general applications or in PVDF where good corrosion resistance is important.


The complete DIF family

A complete family of disposable inline filters can now be offered to cover applications that require very fast response times and those with a long service life.

Disposable In-Line Filters Family


What applications?

Our DIFs are suitable for a wide range of applications – they are preferred for portable gas analyzers and laboratory equipment. Due to the low cost of DIF assemblies, they are very popular with OEM customers who need a high efficiency filter with a small footprint.


Download the datasheet for the miniature and small sizes

Download the datasheet for medium and large sizes


For more information on our new DIF and other disposable inline filter sizes, please call us on +44 (0) 1634 724224 or email us at [email protected]


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