Sight Glass Housings up to 35 bar (500psi)

The Classic Filters DG series of housings are usually used as drain vessels, but are perfect for use as Sight Glass Housings and offer a compact, low cost solution for customers requiring sight glasses to check the flow of a liquid. The design allows quick servicing and cleaning if required.. The DG214 series can be used at 35 bar or 500 psi.

Sight Glass Housing (shown with bowl guard)


Sight Glass Housings for Corrosive Applications

Using only 316L stainless steel, Viton seals and a Pyrex glass bowl they are ideal for corrosive applications. They also have a stainless steel bowl guard for protection and safety.

How about using these for your Liquid Level applications?

When mounted vertically on the outside of a tank the level of liquid in the housing will be the same as the level of liquid in the tank.

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