SiS Series Filter Housing – Differential Pressure Indicator in Detail

The SiS series stainless steel filter housings have a Differential Pressure Indicator fitted into the top of the head. There are two small orifices connected to the inside of the ports – one goes to each side of the filter element.

How does the DPI work?

As the pressure drop increases the difference in pressure across the filter element will move the plunger and magnet.SiS series differential pressure indicator

The yellow and red indicator ring is moved by the magnet forces through the DPI body

When the filter element is serviced the DPI is reset automatically by the spring pressure on the plunger.

What applications can the DPI be used for?

The standard DPI bodies can be used in applications up to 1050 bar. As well as being integrated into a filter housing head we have also produced special bodies with just two threaded ports for remote monitoring – the body has a flange for easy mounting onto a panel

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