New 40 micron grade PTFE Filter Elements

PTFE filter elements now in 40 micron gradeDue to customer demand we have added 40 micron grades to our stock of PTFE Filter Elements. The 40 micron grade will join the existing grades of 2 and 20 micron and give more flexibility when choosing the correct filter housing and element for your application

PTFE Filter Element Construction

Applications for these types of filter are very demanding so we produce our PTFE Filter Elements by using only pure PTFE granules that are sintered together. This gives the element a strong structure and uniform porosity, making the overall product very reliable. As well as our standard industry-standard size filter elements we can also produce custom sizes and shapes to suit you application.
We work closely with OEM customer and end-users to ensure the product is perfect for the specific application.


For more information about our PTFE and PE filter elements please call us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]


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